My name is Lauren Mills. I'm a wife, mother, adventurer, dessert baker, and a photographer. I love coffee, cupcakes, camp fires, and flannel. When I was a little girl, my mother bought me my first little camera. I grew up loving all kinds of art. I explored different mediums, ceramic, wood working, flower design, studio jewelry, and my favorite, photography. As I utilize everything I've learned in the past. I'm able to capture my sweet little life just the way I like it. I have a handsome husband, Derek, and two beautiful sons named Greyson and Luke. We live in a 1900 farmhouse we renovated. We try our best to keep life simple and beautiful. My dream for my children is to have a magical childhood. I try to show them a special world full of whimsy and laughter. We eat popsicles every day. We go on walks, play with water balloons, blow bubbles, create “works of art” with side walk chalk, and we play at the park. We put our feet in the creek and have picnics on blankets. Let's be real here, I give Glory to God. I AM GRATEFUL. For the gifts he's given me. I am.

I would love nothing more than to capture your life for you. Lets create real moments. Together. And have fun doing it!