David & Holly

Talk about the perfect wedding! 

There is nothing I love more than a couple who stays true to themselves. In fact, David popped the question in the very spot they said their vows to one another. I see why too! The teepee is almost too perfect! When I arrived on the wedding day. I didn't really know what to expect. I have shot near this location but was unaware of the picture perfect wooded teepee. Holly and David had the most beautoful simplistic wedding We were blessed with perfect weather and a beautiful golden hour.

 I hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful images. 

Viennes Unicorn Cake

When your niece asks for a unicorn cake, you make her a bad ass unicorn cake. It's filled with sprinkles and gum balls and if you ask her about it, she will tell you her favorite thing about her party was the gum balls in her cake. Haha We love you Vienne. You make the world a better place.